Choosing your wedding stationery is a really fun part of the wedding planning process and there is a lot to get right! From setting the tone with your Save the Dates to the luxurious look and feel of the wedding invitations, the design you choose should encompass your whole day!

This week we spoke to our vendor and super creative, Tina Ebanks who owns the Wedding stationery company Studio Two Sixteen.

Hi Tina! Great to meet you!

Here at Sea Vows we’re already a big fan of your work, but for those who don’t know much about StudioTwoSixteen, tell us – 

Q: Did you always know you wanted to be a stationery designer? How did you get started?

A: Ever since designing the very first wedding invitation suites for several dear friends whilst studying for my degree, I fell in love with the world of wedding stationery, and I knew immediately this is the direction I wanted to take. Since then, the referrals began to pour in, and it’s been my career passion ever since!

Q: What’s your favourite part of the stationery design process?

A: Oh my gosh, hands down, it is talking with my custom clients about their vision and desires for their day and how they want their invitations to reflect that. 

It’s SO exciting and we have so much fun as we go through all the possibilities which immediately gets my creative juices flowing. I’m as excited as they are and can’t wait to get to the actual challenge of creating their dream wedding suite. I must also say that I’m a bit of a paper and fine printing junkie so sourcing fine material and getting the final printed pieces really get me doing a happy dance!

Q: What’s a little known fact to many who aren’t in the design or stationery industry?

A: The technical skills required to set up properly for printing. As a stationery designer who focuses on letterpress and foil printing, there is a level of knowledge required to set up properly for these print methods which is necessary if one wants to avoid the added cost of having their submissions corrected, redesigned or (even worse) rejected by the printer. Also, artwork for this type of printing is very specific so it’s vital to understand these requirements to ensure that what is presented to the client can actually be produced and produced to the highest standard. It’s the difference between a completely satisfied, elated client and a disappointed one.

Q: What’s your approach to marketing and promoting your business?

A: Authenticity. I want my personality, joy and excitement to come through so this is always at forefront of my mind when I’m marketing and promoting Studio Two Sixteen because, ultimately, although my design style is what initially catches the eye of a client (whether wedding planner or bride) ultimately it’s me they resonate with and relate to, so I don’t try to be or imitate anyone else. It’s raw authenticity that connects me with my audience.

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