“To Beach or not Beach” that is the question

Beach Wedding vs Other Venues….

Should I get married on the beach? Bride’s and groom’s ask this question often, and when helping couples plan a wedding in the Caribbean, it’s one of the first. The incredible choices for our couples in the Cayman Islands does not leave one without options. Cayman boasts not only one of the most famous beaches in the world, but also gorgeous resorts, private villas, botanical gardens, private islands, rustic retreats and elegant ballrooms.

Pros and Cons of a Wedding on the Beach

So…. you are marrying the love of your life…. in a tropical paradise…. No Con will be enough to dissuade you from having a crazy-amazing-awesome experience! Destination wedding planning for the Cayman Islands is a no-brainer.


  • The view… seriously you cannot beat the tropical ocean, swing palm trees and silky white sand. Forget your ‘something blue’, we have that covered.
  • Cool breeze, ocean air, sun-kissed cheeks and sandy toes… enough said.
  • “Golden Hour’ is absolute the best-est most incredible beautiful light (yes we are excited about this light). The best golden hour is found right here.
  • It’s way more relaxed and Casual
  • Did we say its beautiful…..


  • Its hot and sandy….. some people get fed up of the heat and sand and the novelty wears off.
  • Planning with tropical weather can be tricky and making sure you are covered for the “R” word… can’t say it. (the wet stuff)
  • The beach is public so you may have some ‘other’ guests in the background.
  • It can be windy so when we think of the brides hair, keep this in mind with styling.

Like most aspects of destination weddings planning, where you get married is entirely up to you and your preference. Getting married will be one of the biggest day and best day of your life…. and you’re in the Caribbean so, beach it up baby! Stay tuned for the follow up post of Cayman Islands venues that are not the beach.

Beach or not to Beach Wedding
Beach or not to Beach Wedding
Beach or not to Beach

So remember, talk over your ideas with you other half, set up a chat with the planner and run those ideas by the photographer. All of those peeps will share images of different setups that they have had experience with. We got you and are here to help. For more advise head here.

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