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How to securely store your wedding images

Once you receive your precious wedding images from your wedding photographer you might wonder how to securely store your wedding images. Well it may not be your very first thought but it is certainly something to ponder about. You might think that I can always ask your photographer to just resend your images, if you loose your images. Read to the bottom of the article to find out why that might not be a great idea.

Below are a few methods you should consider.

How to securely store your wedding images

External Hard Drive

One of the easiest methods is to purchase some external hard drives and store the images on there. Hard Drives come in all sort of sizes and are getting more affordable all the time. There are some great waterproof, shockproof options. Put them in your home safe and add an extra layer of protection.

how to store your wedding photos securely

Save in the Cloud

Another great option to back-up your images is to use a cloud storage. That could be the iCloud or your Google Drive and there are many other options out there. Many of these options can be set up once to back-up all your files and folders on your computer. So once you download your wedding images onto your computer they will automatically be backed up. This is great option as everything is stored away from your home which adds extra security just in case you have a house fire or something similar catastrophic that can destroy a hard drive, for example.

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Prints and Albums

Another great way to keep your images is by printing your images. You can put them in a beautiful album or create a gallery wall with gorgeously framed images. It will also bring your images to life and you will see and enjoy them again and again.

Speak to your wedding photographer and they can assist you with your heirloom album and prints. Not all wedding albums and prints are created equal. Ordering them directly through your photographer will assure that you get high quality archival prints.

Don’t put all eggs in one basket

Now you know how to securely store your wedding images, you want to make sure you don’t just use one of these methods as computer break, hard drives fail and are you sure your cloud provider will be around forever? Please, store several copies of your wedding images in a few different places.

Also don’t really on your photographer to store you images for you forever. While they take care of your images best they can, they can also have hard drives fail etc. Some photographer also limit the time that they store the images. So once you receive your images from your wedding photographer it is up to you to securely store them.

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