how to plan a destination wedding past COVID

How to plan a Destination Wedding past COVID

To plan a destination wedding past COVID comes with some many questions. Planning a wedding can be stressful at the best of times, destination weddings could be known to be tricker, and now with COVID, it could all be considered A BIT TOO MUCH HASSLE?!! 

Are we over the worst?  Are destination weddings a thing of the past, too difficult to plan or even consider?  
We don’t think so.
As we move onto the next chapter and navigate life with Covid; here are some key factors to keep in mind .

Get yourself a Planner

Cayman wedding Decor
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Now more than ever you need to minimise the stress of planning a Wedding, especially within this COVID era. Consider finding someone to help you.  Our Sea Vows recommended Wedding planners are not only island experts in all things “Wedding”  here in the Cayman Islands, they are also your dedicated “person on the ground” keeping  you not only up to date with what’s happening on the rock but are also in the know with any travel guidelines/restrictions that may be in place.

Know your contract

How to plan a destination wedding past Covid
photo by Rebecca Davidson Photography

Life’s changed for everyone this past year, things that are normally set in stone may now have some wiggle room.  That being said it isn’t all about discounts.  Understand your suppliers refund policy, don’t be shy to ask if they have Covid19 policy in place, what happens if you can’t get to the island? Boarders close? Its always best to air on the side of caution, leave no stone unturned that way there are no surprises.

Go Virtual

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Understand that not everyone is able willing or able to travel within this environment.  Adding an inexpensive “Virtual wedding” element to your photography and videography wedding package will see every single one of your nearest and dearest be included in your special day. 

Be Flexible 

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COVID-19 has had a considerable impact on the hospitality industry across the globe. Not to mention here in the Cayman Islands.   Life in Cayman has returned to normal, however, it is possible that your choices may be limited. For example, limited dates, as well as government restrictions.   Be  prepared! Open lines of communication with all your wedding vendors are important so you can all find the best solutions when you plan a destination wedding past COVID.

Keep checking

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We’ve all learned that coronavirus restrictions can change overnight. So, make sure you check the travel advice for both outbound and inbound travel right up to your date of departure. The Cayman Islands Government has a dedicated website regarding everything Covid related and it is frequently update with the lasted advice and information. Here you will find the latest information on how to travel to and from the Cayman Islands.


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Remain opened minded and be prepared team up with our Sea Vows vendors and rest assured we will get you married, happily and safely!

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