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Getting married in Cayman: The legal details

Planning on getting married in the Cayman Islands in one of the most idyllic fairytale settings in the Caribbean? Pristine beaches, superb weather year round, and amazing sunsets makes Cayman Islands the top destination for beautiful beach weddings. As if those reasons weren’t enough, it is actually incredibly easy to get through the legal details and make your union legit.

Getting married in the Cayman Islands
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For residents the legalities of getting married in Cayman are fairly straightforward. Once you have chosen your marriage officiant it is customary to meet with them for a pre-wedding interview. Be sure to take with you your  original passport, proof of immigration status (e.g work permit, residency, etc.) and any additional relevant documentation (for example certified/original divorce decree or death certificate).  Ensure that all documentation is in English and all copies certified by a Notary Public.  

All residents of the Cayman Islands (this includes work permit holders) will need to complete a ‘Notice of marriage’ document.  This is accessible here or can be obtained via your wedding officiant, who, upon completion will post your Banns.   Banns need to be published for seven business days before your marriage can take place and are valid for a period of  three months.   

Please note all documentation including the notice marriage are required before the marriage can take place

After your I DOs you will be given a copy of your marriage certificate. This will be signed by you and two witnesses.  You can obtain additional copies for a cost of $10.

Getting married in the Cayman Islands
photo by Janet Jarchow Photography


For visitors getting married in the Cayman Islands the requirements are slightly different.  In addition to the above, the law requires you to obtain a special marriage license for a fee of $250. While the process may sound slightly daunting, it is fairly straightforward and should be managed by your marriage officer or wedding planner.  The documentation required is similar to residents in that the marriage officer will need certified copies of your passports and other relevant documentation (i.e. divorce decree and/or death certificate). The marriage office will also need a copy of your immigration ticket which you receive upon arrival to the island.


As of September 2020, civil partnerships are now legal within the Cayman Islands. Both civil unions and pre-existing partnerships between same sex couples and are now recognized. Documentation is the same for civil unions as listed for visitors above.

If you are getting married under a specific religion please check with your minister for any additional requirements

We encourage you to provide your officiant/planner with the above documentation in plenty of time to enable them to assess and ensure that everything is in order and processed prior to your big day. 

If you have any questions about getting married in the Cayman Islands, feel free to contact out wedding expert at 

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