Creative Session – Trash the Dress

A couple of days after your wedding, just you and your partner, walking hand in hand, reminiscing about your vows. Sound good? 

Here in Grand Cayman, we have fantastic photographers who provide sessions such as “Trash the Dress” or sometimes known as “Rock the Frock”. They’re kind of obsessed with creative images that ‘blow you away’ and sometimes to do that they have to get a bit daring! 

Imagine a photography session with just the two of you and the photographer (and sometimes the drone dude!) creating incredible images on the most gorgeous islands in the world – The Cayman Islands. If you don’t believe us, just look at the incredible images below.

What better way to celebrate your wedding on this gorgeous island, by getting dressed back up in your finery and have a blast. This session is normally done a day or two after your wedding. It’s fun, romantic, sexy and totally hilarious. You will cherish these photos forever. 

 trash the dress

We call these sessions creative sessions because you don’t have to ‘trash’ your dress unless you want to! Some of you want to box that baby back up and cherish it forever, we get it! Some couples bring a different outfit for this shoot, buying an inexpensive dress and the groom brings a second pair of trousers. This way you don’t worry about trashing you actual wedding dress and can just go with the flow without worrying about your outfit.

Trash the Dress Cayman

But honestly people, heading out on another day allows you to get close to the water and run in the sand together and Yes…ROCK THAT FROCK!

trash the dress
trash the dress
trash the dress
Trash the Dress
trash the dress session Cayman Islands

We recognize this is not for everyone but if you are thinking of doing a creative session let’s chat, reach out to your photographer. We can toss around some fun ideas for your session. If you are not sure of location you can check this link. For more advice head here.

All images provided by Grand Cayman Photographer Rebecca Davidson Photography

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