Top 5 Wedding Trends for 2023

As we come to the end of 2022, we reflect on this year’s experiences. With the easing of Covid-19 restrictions, Cayman businesses have been able to fully open, and we’ve seen visitors flock back to our slice of paradise in their thousands.

Whether for the day or for the week, for their nuptials, or their engagements, couples have celebrated in Cayman in style; and the islands have provided them with the perfect backdrop and 5-star hospitality for an experience they will never forget. 

With 2023 nearly upon us, the fashion houses and international media are speculating on the wedding trends of next year. From emeralds to floating diamonds, petite bouquets to private last dances, we’re listing our favourite predictions in this week’s blog.

Trend 1: Emeralds

The modern brides are no longer hankering after the diamond, and instead are showing their love for the coloured gems. Emeralds have been gaining popularity and although need more care by the wearer, are proving to be the top choice by brides in 2023.

Trend 2: Floating diamond

The setting without claws! A floating engagement ring or an “illusion” ring creates the optical illusion of having the diamond in your engagement ring “float” on your finger. This is a trend set in 2022 that’s due to explode into 2023 and we think as the sun beats down on those sparkles, they’re going to shine, shine, shine!

Trend 3: Colourful gowns

During the 2023 Bridal Fashion Week, pastels shone bright! From pale pinks and blues to the use of vibrant florals, many designers chose to bring colour to their huge sleeves and detachable skirts! With our clear blue waters and golden sands, we’re convinced this will be a hot trend for 2023 and can’t wait to see this prediction come to fruition.

Trend 3: Petite Bouquets

Think of a dainty wild sprig! Lily of the valley, lilac, and lavender. We predict alongside our popular tropical florals there will be petite bouquets chosen by our 2023 brides. Easier to toss we say!

Trend 4: Your own Private Dance

Our wildest prediction of 2023 is the chance for the newlywed couple to take a moment to themselves and have a private dance without their guests at the end of the day’s celebrations. Rather than disturb the party, we imagine the couple taking themselves off for a moonlit walk on Seven Mile Beach. A dance on the shore under the stars might just be the perfect reflection on the happiest day of their life.

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